After designing and developing their first website more than nine years ago, Mesaphotonics came to us asking for a rebrand that would update their image and work to market the endeavors that have evolved with the company. The new site’s colors and bold elements better represent this growing organization’s bright future. The responsive design enables it to be accessible on mobile and now with the ability to accept support tickets online, their customer service logistics are much improved. Softshell Design partnered with TrafficDeveloper and collaborated with Iconova Design for the design & development of this project.

Additional exhibition and printed brochure materials were created for Mesaphotonics in order to create a consistent message and brand style across different media and marketing channels.

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Mesaphotonics Desktop Comp
Mesaphotonics Handheld Comp

Mesaphotonics’ new site features their scientific test & measurement products and educates the public on their research & development projects

design & production solutions
brand revitalization
Mesaphotonics Ultra Fast Last Pulse Products
A fresh brand coupled with a revised website has enabled Mesaphotonics to approach their marketing in a new light and rebrand their image to successfully represent scientific innovation.
The new design highlights Mesaphotonic’s products and technology in a bright new format which suits the high intensity of its involvement with and impact on today’s ever-changing world.
  • graphic elements mimic scientific & mathematical properties
  • restructure navigation to market multiple arms of the company
  • creation of svg graphic elements for reuse in print
  • updated color palette
About Mesaphotonics - Scientific Test & Measurement
Page Builder Templates
Mesaphotonics FROG products
marketing solutions
consistent branding
Mesaphotonics product specifications
Mesaphotonics stamp
Softshell Design worked with Mesaphotonics to develop a new marketing approach which would help to sell their products as well as educate the user on the research & development arm of the business.
We also created supporting marketing materials consistent with the new brand style for both online and offline opportunities.
  • products & technology vs. research & development
  • highlight governmental grants & contracts
  • new product brochures
  • creation of exhibition backdrop, podium cover & tablecloth
  • online specifications for greater availability and exposure
Mesaphotonics Product Brochure & Booth Backdrop
software solutions
boost efficiency
customer support
Customer Product Support

Softshell Design helped to implement a new ticketing system on Mesaphotonics’ site which enables them to handle all product inquiries online. They now have an organized system that lets them quickly answer, set the priority and reassign customer tickets allowing them to quickly provide support in addition to easing the logistics of customer requests.
South Florida SPCA New Logo and Website

South Florida SPCA


The South Florida SPCA was in desperate need of a complete brand overhaul. Softshell Design worked with them to create a new brand which included a fresh corporate identity and revised website. The SFSPCA can now focus on its mission: Saving Horses & Livestock Every Day. We collaborated with Iconova Design for the design & development of this project.

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SFSPCA Desktop Website
SFSPCA mobile website

The New Brand Reflects the Evolving Mission of the SFSPCA to Save Horses and Other Livestock Every Day

design & production solutions
brand update
Softshell updated the SFSPCA brand image to reflect the ‘Helping Hand’ they lend to animals in need of rescue, rehabilitation and love. The bold font face was kept for the ‘SPCA’ in order to retain recognition of the original logo.
The color palette was updated to reflect a more contemporary feel while keeping a foundational green and brown to ground the brand. The accent colors of earthy dark blue, gold and mauve can all be found amongst the animals and ranch. They serve to compliment the brand’s marketing messages and give us flexibility when designing for different aspects of the non-profit organization.
The icons were created in order to help further their mission forward towards other livestock as well as horses. The corporate identity and brand needed to evolve alongside the changing obligations and responsibilities of the South Florida SPCA.
The organic and rounded elements of the website mimic the natural elements and ‘circle of life’ on the farm. Subtle textures create a tactile feel while candid photography gives users a glimpse of life on the ranch.
South Florida SPCA Logo and Icons
SFSPCA Horses up for Adoption
Horse search, livestock information & heartfelt images make it easy for users to help.
The new website uses advanced filtering functionality allowing adopters to easily match their preferred specifications with their next four-legged family member among the adoptable horses.
Incorporating information about the cow, sheep and goat herds enable the SFSPCA to educate the public about the different species of animals the organization continues to find neglected and abandoned around South Florida’s agricultural areas.
The use of imagery throughout the site engages the audience and serves to spur them into action, which hopefully ends in acquiring membership, adoption or a donation.
  • horse search with user-end filters
  • filters for breed, age, sex, height and rescue date
  • livestock herd information alerts users of expanded mission
  • animal care education shows the breadth of the SPCA’s vision
  • animal icons visually illustrate the organization’s rescues
  • graphic-centric layouts stir emotion and keep users engaged
  • ranch images help visualize needs and provoke user interaction
  • rounded elements portray organic nature of industry
South Florida SPCA Saves Livestock
South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ways to Give
marketing solutions
community involvement
South Florida SPCA Partners

Marketing Horses for Adoption

Photography taken at the ranch invokes volunteer participation and advertising local partners promotes community engagement.
Softshell helps to develop your marketing strategies so that your organization serves the purpose intended. Portraying the satisfaction and compassion of volunteers encourages user involvement.
Giving local partner organizations exposure shows the dedication and consideration the SFSPCA endows to both its collaborators and prospective donors. This promotes community participation and local connections.
  • market volunteer jobs
  • imagery portrays volunteer love
  • easy list of volunteer orientation dates
  • step by step how to become a volunteer
  • highlight community partners
  • market collaborators for local networking
  • reciprocal links to accreditations for exposure
  • internal links to further membership
SPCA Volunteering
software solutions
boost functionality
Gravity Forms
Gravity Forms

Adoption application entries can now be managed and stored in a trusted & protected environment for easy reference. Encrypted forms, excellent support and years in the industry made working with Gravity Forms a simple choice.

The move from paper to digital was long overdue. It will undoubtedly be a major benefit and convenience to the staff at the South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

SFSPCA Adoption Application

Incorporation of DonorPerfect forms allow users to donate safely and securely directly on DonorPerfect’s servers, eliminating the need for the South Florida SPCA to retain PCI compliant hosting.

DonorPerfect’s integration with Constant Contact also enables the non-profit organization to have a direct link between their donors and their newsletter subscribers.

social media solutions
facebook & instagram graphics
SFSPCA Facebook Hero
Branded Post and Page Templates
Softshell Design supplied the South Florida SPCA with social media templates and graphic creation options within their new brand book. Consistent messaging and imagery is essential to forming a cohesive brand.
  • Facebook hero and icon design
  • Instagram story icons
  • Instagram post templates
  • Instagram feed styling
  • Post messaging and content samples
South Florida SPCA Instagram Feed template
Santa Fe Hydes Bullseye Bag

Santa Fe Hydes


Stephen Murphy came to us with a quality product and his own distinguished background in fashion design! We jumped at the chance to work with him and create a sleek new brand for his custom line of leather goods. Softshell Design partnered with Trafficdeveloper to create a clean logo, color palette, fonts, imagery and website as part of their branding package. We collaborated with Iconova Design for the design & development of this project.


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Santa Fe Hydes Desktop Design
Santa Fe Hydes Mobile Design

London meets Santa Fe in this new leather collection from Stephen Murphy

design & production solutions
simple subtlety
Santa Fe Hydes’ brand reflects the quality of craftsmanship apparent in this new collection of leather goods. The font of the logo was chosen for its contemporary and simplistic feel. The clean lines will withstand the test of time and weather the many seasons of the fashion industry. The dashed line that travels through the letters’ crossbars is an allusion to a thread along the seam of a garment.
The color palette was inspired by the natural elements commonly seen in the art and architecture of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The subtle hues and soft natural textures enable the products to take center stage while providing a high-end earthy feel to the brand.
Santa Fe Hydes Logo
Santa Fe Hydes Colors
Santa Fe Hydes Leather Collection
Subtle tones, natural textures and simple elegance define Santa Fe Hydes’ new brand image.
A sophisticated design with neutral colors and stone finishes help to showcase this beautiful new collection of leather goods and give the site a Santa Fe vibe. The bullseye design is inspired by the retro signage of the London underground metro system. London meets Santa Fe at Santa Fe Hydes.
  • elegant hues & natural textures
  • clean design accentuates products
  • simple shapes mimic the flagship product & brand core
  • Shopify ecommerce simplifies shopping
Shopify Bullseye Bag Detail
marketing solutions
campaign strategies
London Meets Santa Fe
The founder of Santa Fe Hydes, Stephen Murphy has a long history in London, but recently moved to Santa Fe. He tasked us with the challenge of crafting a brand that would encapsulate his design experience as well as his current lifestyle.
  • messaging speaks of the custom manufacturing process to exhibit the quality and character of the bag and garments
  • subtle textures evoke the artisanal quality of the products
  • neutral tones provide a subtle backdrop for the unique dyes
  • bullseye imagery works as a functional and graphic element to tie together the foundations of this line and forward the brand feel
Santa Fe Hydes Nina Jacket
Bullseye Bag
software solutions
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Shopify Ecommerce Platform
Shopify Ecommerce

The Shopify platform makes selling online easy so that we can concentrate on branding and creating a unique design for your business. Shopify hosts your site so that PCI compliance rests in their hands. Shopify payments simplifies the configuration of your financials.

Shopify also allows your business to grow over time. With a simple first implementation to establish a brand and product awareness, this website enabled Stephen to showcase his leather goods to the world. As the business expands, Shopify offers many add ons which can also expand the functionality of the site as is needed.

Persant Construction
Persant Construction

Persant Construction


Although Persant has been serving its customers and the Miami community since 1974, they only just got online! We were thrilled to be a part of this launch and rebrand for Persant. With a new generation of leadership, we gave Persant a professional and youthful brand which exemplifies their solid foundation and innovative systems. We collaborated with Iconova Design for the design & development of this project.

Softshell Design Website Design
Softshell Design Website Production
Softshell Design Website Marketing
Softshell Design Website Software Implementation

Persant Desktop
Persant Mobile

A new brand showcases Persant’s innovative spirit and dedication throughout 57 years of serving the Miami community

design & production solutions
ease of navigation
Custom Icons
Icons improve readability, bridge language gaps, add graphic interest & look pretty cool too. These custom icons were created just for Persant.
  • one-of-a-kind graphic icons
  • vector illustrations
  • 3D feel adds dimension
  • enhances accessibility
Storm Water Systems
Persant custom icons
marketing solutions
campaign strategies
Persant Featured Projects
Civil Engineering Projects & Company History
Helping to develop marketing strategies so that your services sell.
  • local projects market community involvement
  • sharing industry projects give users confidence
  • showcasing awards build trust
  • history exemplifies long standing reputation
  • business partner logos prove trusted relationships
Persant Established 1974
software solutions
boost functionality
Gravity Forms

Application entries stored in a trusted & protected environment along with GDPR compliance & encrypted forms made working with Gravity Forms a no-brainer. Persant can now gather inquiries and build a subscriber list for future communications and enhancement of their marketing strategy.

Gravity Forms
Persant Contact Us