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Stephen Murphy came to us with a quality product and his own distinguished background in fashion design! We jumped at the chance to work with him and create a sleek new brand for his custom line of leather goods. Softshell Design partnered with Trafficdeveloper to create a clean logo, color palette, fonts, imagery and website as part of their branding package. We collaborated with Iconova Design for the design & development of this project.


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London meets Santa Fe in this new leather collection from Stephen Murphy

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simple subtlety
Santa Fe Hydes’ brand reflects the quality of craftsmanship apparent in this new collection of leather goods. The font of the logo was chosen for its contemporary and simplistic feel. The clean lines will withstand the test of time and weather the many seasons of the fashion industry. The dashed line that travels through the letters’ crossbars is an allusion to a thread along the seam of a garment.
The color palette was inspired by the natural elements commonly seen in the art and architecture of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The subtle hues and soft natural textures enable the products to take center stage while providing a high-end earthy feel to the brand.
Santa Fe Hydes Logo
Santa Fe Hydes Colors
Santa Fe Hydes Leather Collection
Subtle tones, natural textures and simple elegance define Santa Fe Hydes’ new brand image.
A sophisticated design with neutral colors and stone finishes help to showcase this beautiful new collection of leather goods and give the site a Santa Fe vibe. The bullseye design is inspired by the retro signage of the London underground metro system. London meets Santa Fe at Santa Fe Hydes.
  • elegant hues & natural textures
  • clean design accentuates products
  • simple shapes mimic the flagship product & brand core
  • Shopify ecommerce simplifies shopping
Shopify Bullseye Bag Detail
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London Meets Santa Fe
The founder of Santa Fe Hydes, Stephen Murphy has a long history in London, but recently moved to Santa Fe. He tasked us with the challenge of crafting a brand that would encapsulate his design experience as well as his current lifestyle.
  • messaging speaks of the custom manufacturing process to exhibit the quality and character of the bag and garments
  • subtle textures evoke the artisanal quality of the products
  • neutral tones provide a subtle backdrop for the unique dyes
  • bullseye imagery works as a functional and graphic element to tie together the foundations of this line and forward the brand feel
Santa Fe Hydes Nina Jacket
Bullseye Bag
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Shopify Ecommerce Platform
Shopify Ecommerce

The Shopify platform makes selling online easy so that we can concentrate on branding and creating a unique design for your business. Shopify hosts your site so that PCI compliance rests in their hands. Shopify payments simplifies the configuration of your financials.

Shopify also allows your business to grow over time. With a simple first implementation to establish a brand and product awareness, this website enabled Stephen to showcase his leather goods to the world. As the business expands, Shopify offers many add ons which can also expand the functionality of the site as is needed.