Boston Concierge Support Services Rebrand and New Website

Boston CSS


Softshell Design was thrilled to be connected with the owners of Boston CSS, based in Massachusetts. After recent press and increased exposure, Boston Concierge Services needed a rebrand and website which would help them tell their story and convey the warm and professional services they’ve been providing since 1993.

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Boston Concierge Support Services
Boston Concierge Support Services Mobile View

The inviting design uses Boston imagery and universal icons to convey the services provided and areas served to both domestic and international clients.

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brand refresh
Boston Concierge Services Imagery
Boston CSS’ rebrand included a new take on basically everything – from logo to colors to messaging.
Icons improve readability, bridge language gaps, and add graphic interest. Warm colors and traditional fonts create a welcoming look & feel that creates a sense of professionalism and stability.
Buttons at the top of a page act as a “table of contents” which allow the user to easily know what content they will find on the page and navigate to that which interests them with ease.
Photos of students and individuals illustrate their services and provide users with a sense of relatability and confidence in Boston CSS.
  • friendly & engaging photography
  • warm color palette for motherly feel
  • establishment seal to reinforce reputation
  • messaging reassures visitor and prompts action
  • icons provide universal language to illustrate services
  • anchor links help users navigate page contents easily
Boston Concierge Support Services Logo - Students Patients Property Management
Boston Concierge Services for Patients, Students and Properties with illustrations
Marketing Messaging and Ease of Navigation
marketing solutions
increase engagement
Boston CSS Testimonials
Boston CSS Custom Heart Icon
Business objectives were outlined from the start with key stakeholders and different marketing strategies were used to reach them.

Many aspects of the site were built with the goal of prompting action from users and converting them to clients. Enticing visitors to contact Boston Concierge Support Services was at the heart of this project.

  • testimonials from past clients promote trust
  • press archive establishes professionalism and reputation
  • digital contact form allows visitors to easily reach out
  • call to actions across the site encouraging user to contact Boston CSS
Boston Concierge Support Services Contact Form
Boston CSS Contact CTA
Boston Concierge Services Press
software solutions
boost functionality

All videos are served by YouTube which enables increased exposure for a growing video library and lighter server loads

Boston Concierge Support Services Contact Form
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Application entries stored in a trusted & protected environment along with GDPR compliance & encrypted forms made working with Avada Forms a no-brainer